Places to Check Out in Eastern Canada

I’ve lived in Canada my whole life, am super proud to be Canadian, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to live and explore all over the country. I grew up in the capital, spent a summer in Alberta and I currently go to school on the east coast.

With the warm weather it is definitely the perfect time to explore, and what better place to explore than Atlantic Canada. With 5 national parks and so many towns in the province that are unique to the area, there is a lot to see.

So many options can be overwhelming so I have condensed this article to my   3 favourite places I have been lucky enough to visit in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Travelling to these places both as a  kid and in more recent years, I have made memories with my friends and family I will never forget.

Mahone Bay


Just an hour from Halifax, Mahone Bay as a small town and is completely different from the city.  It is incredibly picturesque as it on the right on the water and there are lots of restaurants and places to eat with beautiful views.  You can take boat tours and  throughout the summer there are multiple festivals you can attend.

Mahone Bay was voted one of the best small town destinations in Canada so definitely worth checking out. This is the town’s website if you want more details.

Fundy National Park

Fundy is a beautiful park to camp in and something special about is that the areas low light pollution allows you to see the stars beautifully at night. It seems crazy that this national park is only 3 and half hours from Halifax! As camping goes Fundy has stuff for extreme campers, and for anyone who prefers glamping (glam-camping) you can always stay in a yurt. During the day you can hike, golf or visit one of the nearby coastal villages.  There are hikes for all skill levels and on many, there are breathtaking waterfalls and often wildlife.

The most special part about Fundy though, is the tides. Walking out on the ocean floor at low tide is a unique experience you can’t have in a lot of places. As well, if you are someone who is naturally curious one of the best parts of Fundy in my experience was being able to speak to knowledgeable staff, both at the visitors’ centre and around the park. 


Martinique Beach

If you are looking for something a little closer and more relaxing Martinique beach is the perfect place. Under an hour from the city, it’s the perfect beach to go to for an afternoon. On a warm day the slightly chilly water is refreshing, but if it’s a little cloudy you can always rent wetsuits nearby. Lots of people surf at Martinique and the waves there a great size for boogie boarding for those a little less daring and coordinated.

IMG_0078.jpgThese are only a few places I have been lucky enough to check out. Atlantic Canada has so much to see and I can not wait to get the opportunity to explore the area more.

I would highly recommend to anyone in Canada or anyone planning a visit to the country, to check out the east coast this summer.


One thought on “Places to Check Out in Eastern Canada

  1. I hope to visit Canada one day, so these recommendations are a great resource! I love small towns, so Mahone Bay is definitely going on my list!


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