2nd year review (Video)

New video going up in the next few days, stay tuned. I thought I would repost this old one now that I have a theme that supports video. Hope you guys like it!  


A teammate and a mental health role model

Being a student of any age is mentally draining in itself, and being a student-athlete on top of that can be incredibly tough. But athletics had led to me meeting some of the greatest and most inspiring people I know. For that reason, I wanted to write about one of my teammates who inspires me … Continue reading A teammate and a mental health role model

How I stay motivated

How everyone keeps themselves motivated is definitely different from person to person. I keep myself motivated by having something to look forward too and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with motivation. I am very lucky that I currently enjoy both my jobs, however, that does not mean that sometimes the … Continue reading How I stay motivated