My lockdown dilemma

I think everyone can agree that in the last year, these continued lockdowns have been tough. I am in Ontario in Canada, and we are currently in what seems like the worst situation that we have been in this whole time. Here things got better briefly, and then recently have just gotten a whole lot … More My lockdown dilemma

Goodbye 2020

As much as I have been inconsistent posting on this blog, I have posted something for my birthday or the New year every year since I started, and 2020 might have been a bit different, but I do not want to let the year deter me. The biggest reason I do not want to let … More Goodbye 2020

My silence on instagram

I want to start by saying I am currently unfollowing people who are excessively posting all the current political trends (this doesn’t sound good, I cannot think of a better word right now) on Instagram. Because of my anxiety, I will randomly spiral into a very manic state occasionally when hearing about upsetting issues. Because … More My silence on instagram

Cape Breton 2020

After years of visiting and living in Nova Scotia I finally made it to Cape Breton. I would say the area is very much worth the hype with its breathtaking beauty. We only really had one day to explore and it was so hard to decide where to go, for sure an area you could … More Cape Breton 2020