Goodbye 2020

As much as I have been inconsistent posting on this blog, I have posted something for my birthday or the New year every year since I started, and 2020 might have been a bit different, but I do not want to let the year deter me. The biggest reason I do not want to let the crazy events of the global pandemic get me down is that my year was not all bad. I am healthy, in a very great relationship, and I’m studying and doing work that most days feels fulfilling. As well, I have gotten closer with both my parents after spending an extended period of time at home with them.
Staying real, though, I am getting very antsy to start my life as a young adult and am antsy for an adventure. I was supposed to move to Australia in September of 2020, and it is hard sometimes thinking about what I have missed. Further, like most people, the pandemic has put some kind of strain on most aspects of my life, including on some of my friendships. That being said, I am always thankful for all my friends who continue to stand by me and be good friends during tough times.
To highlight the good parts of this year, I want to highlight some of my favorite memories.
The first few months of 2020 absolutely flew by. I was gearing up to leave Halifax and Canada, and for that reason, it was pretty surprised if I said no to going out. I might not remember all the little details of it, but it was fun, and I know I laughed a lot with my friends.
Coming home early in march was tough, and being honest, March, April May of 2020, I’m happy to just forget ever happened.
The summer was a lot better; we were lucky in Ottawa things were a little less crazy for a while. I had an awesome time playing and coaching hockey, and it was great sometimes to just forget about the larger world and just play a sport I love. I also had a fun time going to patios and having socially distant outdoor hangouts. Was also lucky to be able to visit a friend at her cottage and had a really great weekend.
The weirdest thing to think about is last winter, my best friend was in Australia, and there was this chance she was going to leave right as I went, and it would have been the longest we would have ever gone without seeing each other. Instead, we were both home in Ottawa all summer and spent so much time together we would not have gotten otherwise. Even though most of our time together was spent tanning and gossiping, I will look back on a lot of this time fondly.
In the Fall, Ottawa was not in a strict lockdown, and I started working at a local restaurant, which I enjoy. I also started working in marketing at a toy and collectibles company, where I feel like I’m learning so much. Working online is tough, but I know there are definitely worse things.
My year ended on a high note, with my boyfriend visiting me in Ottawa. After I had a crazy night working at the restaurant, we had a cozy new Year’s eve, which I hope is a good omen for the upcoming year.

Thanks for the memories 2020, however the majority of this year will not be missed. Here’s to 2021 being better.


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