The 5 types of people you meet in University

1. The kid who was very sheltered and does not know how do anything on their own . Example does not know how to do laundry. Typically also has parents that pay for most things and has not much concept of when something is expensive. Parents help them with their homework etc..

2. People who party like crazy but get very high grades, these are the most confusing people. How do they do it? I still don’t understand.

3. Opposite of the above, people who party way too much and fail all their classes. These people probably should have taken a gap year as they are also often the ones who don’t have much of a plan and came to uni just to party. Super fun to party with but dangerous to be friends with. Another version of this would be the classic pothead.

4. The person who was shy in highschool and goes wild in uni. Likely does not know how to handle their alcohol. Parties Thursday, Friday, Saturday Sunday and loves it. Studies a decent amount, but schedules it around their partying.

5. The kid who was popular in high school and is still stuck in highschool. Thinks their popular even though there is no popular kids in uni. Worries about how they look, actually looks nice when they go to meal hall or class. Brings up who they hangout with like its important. Has a small crew.


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