5 things I learned about myself while on exchange

1.When I relax and am more spontaneous my mood is better over all

I overthink everything and it was while I was away I realize the less I overthinks things the more I enjoy them. This can be hard to do but it is something I am going to work on to improve

2. I am changing and maturing constantly

Aren’t we all?

3. I am not as amazing of a field hockey player as I think I am

This ones for everyone who has ever heard me talk about how great I am at hockey because I will admit at times I have had a bit of an ego. Playing with steep competition in Australia was an amazing and humbling experience. It is fun to know I still have so much space to grow as a player, and I am excited.

4. I need to continue to face my fears and go outside my comfort zone

My trip to Brisbane alone was way out of my comfort zone and it ended up being one of the best experiences. The positive experience helped me realize that it is important to leave your comfort zone every once in a while.

5. I’m pretty dang Amazing just the way I am


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