3 day itinerary for a roadtrip from Melbourne to Adelaide

One of the prettiest and most well known drives in the world is the drive along the Great Ocean Road, in Victoria Australia. Never heard of this drive? Checkout this site.

Most people take around a week to do this drive, but as student it can be hard to take this amount of time off. For that reason me and my friends have planned a 3 day trip, we will be doing in 2 weeks, starting in Melbourne and ending in Adelaide . Just to catch up any new readers I am studying in Adelaide and that is why out trip is ending there. I wanted to share this itinerary for anyone who is exploring the same area and might be looking for ideas!

Without further ado here is our trip itinerary.

Day 1:

We will be leaving early in the morning and the first planned stop is at Torquay to see some sites. This is approximately an hour and a half drive from melbourne. This area is known for its beautiful surfing beaches.

After Torquay our next planned stop is the Erksine falls which are located just outside the town of Lorne, and about a 50 minute drive from Torquay. After this we are going to continue driving to Apollo Bay and visit Great Otway National park. We will likely stop for dinner in this area.

The first night we are staying overnight at Port Campbell.This is about an hour and a half drive from apollo bay. In total we will likely be driving around 5 hours on day 1. We are going to be camping, but there are lots of options of places to stay in the area.

Day 2:

Day 2 is a more chill day with the plan to spend most of the morning in Port Campbell. Likely around mid day the plan is to drive 2 and a half hours to Mount Gambier. We will then explore this area which is known for its lakes and volcanic landscapes. It is as well supposed to be home to lots of kangaroos. We will be staying overnight in Mount Gambier.

Day 3:

We are going to start our day early with a hike to Blue Lake. Before we head out of mount gambier our current plan is to stop at the Tantanoola caves, but there is a lot to see in the area, so this day is flexible.

After seeing some sights in Mount Gambier we will drive an hour and 20 minutes to Robe. Here we will likely stop for food, and than hit the road again for aproximately another hour, at which point we will stop in Coorong National park. From Coorong national park it is only an hour and half drive back to Adelaide so it is flexible what we will and when we will arrive home.

Our days are going to be packed, so you can probably guess why most people take a little longer to do this drive. However, we are so lucky to get even this short opportunity and I am so excited for the trip. If you only have a short amount of time to explore this area, we researched this itinerary thoroughly and I would highly recommend roughly following it. Of course though, I will update all my readers when we have completed the trip.

As well, I will be vlogging the whole trip so make sure to subscribe to my youtube.


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