Week one in Adelaide

I’ve been in my apartment for almost a week and it is really sinking in that I will be living here for the next 5 months. The last few days I have been settling in, making friends, and exploring the city and campus. Of course, I have also been to the beach three times. The city and the campus are both beautiful, but very different from back home.

Here in Adelaide, I am living in an apartment with eight people in it, which is a lot, but so far I get along amazingly with all of my roommates. I am the only Canadian, and there are also 4 Americans, 1 German, 1 Malaysian and 1 British girl. It’s super fun that the majority of us have just arrived in Australia and are all navigating some parts of being in a new country together. It has been really interesting to get to know people who have lived quite different lives from myself, most specifically in university. For example, the American girls are all involved in greek life, which is something we do not really have in Canada, at least not on the same level. On the other hand, it is crazy how much we all have in common, most importantly our yearning for adventure. I think we will likely all do some traveling together, which I am very excited for.

The highlight of the first week would have to be meeting some locals and getting the opportunity to go to a beach a bit farther from the city. Everyone I have met here is so nice! So far I have met a lot of other people on exchange, but I have also met some locals as I mentioned above. The guys who drove us to the beach are locals that my roommates had met the night before, and were nice enough to show us around. Besides the beach, we also went to a park and saw some Australian wildlife and fed some kangaroos; it was pretty sweet.

My days have been quite relaxing so far, especially those that I spent at the beach, but my nights have been busy because there is so much going on here. The adelaide Fringe festival is currently on every night on campus and I have been to that a few times. My American roommates really know how to party, so I’m hoping I can keep up! Since I just came from the Canadian winter, it feels crazy to be out in a tank top and shorts at night, but the weather here is so beautiful and it does not get cold, even at night! So, a tank top and shorts is definitely the right attire. On another clothing-related note, I’ve noticed that all of the people here are very stylish, which is honestly a bit intimidating.

Overall, this week has been exciting for me, but there has not been a lot to write about since lots of my week has been spent settling in, buying groceries, etc. However, I am going to be doing lots of fun stuff this semester so stay tuned. Also, this is surprising, but I haven’t taken a lot of photos so far, but I am going to change that so expect to see lots coming up.


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