5 places I want to visit before I’m 30

I am so lucky to have already had a lot of opportunities to travel and am hoping to have much more in the rest of my life. As I get older things are constantly changing and who knows where I could be living or who I will be traveling with in the next 5 years. For that reason, I have made a short bucket list of places I want to visit before I turn 30. To me these are all places that offer something to younger travelers who are trying to learn about themselves as much as they are trying to learn about the world. If I enjoy traveling by myself this year in Australia, these are places I would potentially visit solo.

1.Bali, I think it would be so exciting to experience the different lifestyle in Indonesia and have heard a lot of positive things about backpacking in the area. And the beautiful beaches and nature would of course be a big plus.

2. Greece, In the Summer apparently there is lots of music festivals in Greece and this along with the stunning scenery is why I would love to visit Greece. Again I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this area from travelers around my age. 

3. New Orleans, There, is still a lot of places I want to visit in North America and New Orleans is just one of the many. I would love to visit a whole bunch of the Southern States in one trip. Traveling across North America is something I would consider doing after I graduate from University.

4. Spain, I think it would be amazing to experience the different culture here and would be an awesome place to backpack. There is so much history and lots of museums I would love to visit. Also wouldn’t mind going to some of the beaches.

5. Las Vegas, This one’s a little different. I am not judging anyone who  loves a good party, but I might only have a few more wild years left in me and for that reason I want to visit Las, Vegas in my twenties. Low-key hoping this might be for a bachelorette party, so friends take note if you are reading this.

Hope you enjoyed this! Would love to hear about any places people have visited and loved!


28 thoughts on “5 places I want to visit before I’m 30

  1. This is a great list! I hope you get to make it to all of these! Spain would be one that would for sure be on my list.


  2. I live in Spain and it’s a great country to visit. There are so many different areas that even if you backpack it for a month you would still have places to see. And the food is delicious!


  3. Oh.. Same here.. I really don’t wanna miss Bali before I turn 30.. And Vegas of course.. But I can wait until 60 when it comes to Vegas. Lmao.


  4. I think we should have more posts like this – I also write now and then about the destinations we plan to visit! it makes it all much more real! good luck to you, sounds like a great list!


  5. I don’t travel that much, but I always wish to visit Las Vegas.! I always visit there in dreams though, 😀😀😀


  6. You should definitely visit Greece, Spain and Las Vegas before you’re 30! We went to these places when we were in our 20s and really loved it!


  7. Just be in Bali. I am waiting to visit the other 4^^. I really love Europe,maybe gonna be there next year. Hope so.
    And thank you for your list. Keep doing.


  8. Before I’m thirty – well that ship sailed loooong ago. However, I’ve travelled to so many places but actually never made it to Greece; and I’m living in Europe, so it shouldn’t be such a biggy. I go before I turn 100, I swear.


  9. turning 30 is kind of a turning point in one’s life and also make a choice to travel around is nice too but be rest assured to be on feet when that time comes. you don’t wanna have all that experience and nothing to fuel it. what am trying to say is, just make a good plan before you embark on your journey. Thanks for sharing! I did enjoy it


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