What to get excited about in 2019

The last few years I have made a list of all the events and different things in the year that I am excited for. This year is a bit different, since I will be going on exchange and that is just one big event I am looking forward too. As well this year something I really want to focus on is enjoying everyday and not spending my monday’s wishing it was friday for example. However I still wanted to share with you some events happening every month to look forward to when days are going slowly. Some of these events are more specific to myself and others are more general.


  • The bachelor?? Haven’t decided yet if I like it or if I like to hate it, but for me watching with friends or family is something I do enjoy
  • Skiing and skating, make plans to get out and do winter stuff and you will find January a lot more fun!


  • The superbowl or for those that don’t love football the halftime show.
  • Reading week/ Spring break
  • Valentines day, or if you’re like me the February 15th when there is a lot of chocolate on sale!


  • St Patricks Day
  • The release of Captain marvel
  • March madness, personally I am not a basketball fan but watching any type of game in the right setting can be enjoyable


  • Spring!
  • Easter
  • The Nhl Playoffs start
  • The release of Avengers: Endgame


  • The start of summer for most North American University students, to me this time feels as much like a fresh start as new years
  • This might be a me thing but I love watching the reality show big brother which starts in May, and airs 3 epsiodes a week, for me it is the perfect show to watch after a long day


  • Pride month
  • The start of summer!


  • Canada day, it’s a pretty big deal for us Canadians
  • For me this will be when I return home from my exhange in Australia, so it will be a big month for me
  • Lots of music festivals going on and can surely find one near you for a fun night


  • Camping, if your summer is getting boring camping is a super great way to have a relatively cheap fun weekend, would highly reccomend to plan some small trips to keep the month exciting


  • This is probabaly a university student thing but September is the most fun month at school, everyone has a lot of money to party and not much schoolwork yet, I also love the weather in September


  • Thanksgiving if you are canadian
  • Halloween, who doesn’t love a good halloween party?


  • Not really the most exciting month and sucks if you are a student because of midterms but it’s important to make the best of that, Novemeber is definitely the month for spontaneous fun
  • Thanksgiving if you are American


  • Christmas holidays

And just like that this year is going to go by so quick. It’s crazy how the years feel shorter as you get older and more aware of time. Yes, plans things to look forward to but do not forget sometimes the best memories are the spontaneous ones.


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