10 big global moments of 2018

Honestly 2018 was a blur for me, seems like just yesterday it was January. The following are 10 big moments from 2018 in no particular order, that I beleive will have a lasting impact, and define what this year was like. Like I personally did I think the world had a bit of an up and down year, with some good things happening and some bad.

  1. The winter Olympic’s took place in Seoul, uniting countries through sport and giving rise to new sporting icons
  2. Box- office hit Marvel movies, Black Panthers and Infinity war were released
  3. 17 high school kids were killed in a school shooting in Florida sparking outrage across North America
  4. Marijuana was legalized across Canada.
  5. Oprah’s Golden Globes speech and the continuance of the #Metoo movement
  6. Kate Spades death leads to more discussion and acceptance that mental health issues affect people from all walks of life
  7. Proffessor Christine Blasey Fords’ testimony against supreme court nominee, Brett Cavanaugh, creates outrage across North America
  8. Ocasio- Cortez was the youngest women ever to be elected to congress
  9. NASA landed a robot on Mars
  10. lot’s of unusual weather, California was devastated by wildfires and more locally for me Ottawa was hit by a Tornado

2018 was a year of moments that sparked discussion, some of these events incredibly tragic. What I see as important is keeping these discusions going even just amongst our family and friends. That is how we can make sure that we will see in our generation the change we deserve. I like to look at things postively and strongly beleive the world is changing for the better. I hope to be play even a small part in this continuing change in 2019.

I started this blog this year and have gotten over a 1000 views. Thank you everyone for you support. 2019 is going to be a crazy year for me as I move to Australia for a semester. I am very excited and am planning to post every week. So excited to take you all along on my journey.


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