A cheesy 21st birthday post

Yesterday was my 21st birthday (pictured above is me at the end of the night), and I am so thankful for another amazing year. These last fews days at home with family and friends have been magical. This morning/ midday when I got out of bed I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Last night I was with 3 friends I have been friends with since kindergarten. I am so lucky to still have these friends in my life and the opportunity to see them. Two of them have actually been in my videos on this blog, and the support I get from all three of them is wonderful.

In all my 20th year was in some ways a weird year but definitely a great one. There were up and downs but I set myself on a new path with some new courses in school and future plans, a path that I am excited about.

I thought about writing a cheesy list of 21 things I learned in my last 21 years but instead I want to leave you with something that I try to live by and the most important thing I’ve learned.

Age does not matter. As we get older there is no point to losing our childish goofiness or excitement. I do not act 21, ask my my 10 year old cousin who is constantly embarassed by me when we’re out in public together.

My friends I was with last night are a bunch of goofballs, I don’t think anyone was worried about looking cool or acting our age. Because what is the point? At the end of the day very little matters if you’re not enjoying yourself.

Everyones so happy when there a child, but sometime growing up we lose our sense of wonder. It’s hard but I try so hard to keep that sense of wonder. Its about finding the excitement in little things. I try to spend as much time as possible out doing things, even if those things include just going to the movies. As a kid we found happiness in the smallest things and that gets harder as we get older but why does it need to?

You are never to old to be happy, and you are never to cool to have fun. Yesterday my 86 year old grandma played wii bowling with my dad and I, she bowled a few strikes and it was pretty freaking cool.

For christmas our friends made my sisters and I a scavenger hunt that ended with us getting $25 each in quarters that was buried in the snow. It was so silly but one of the most memorable gifts ever.

I am so thankful for family and friends who make the world I live in exciting and fun everyday. 21 is definitely going to be an adventure.


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