Study Break/ Life Update

I think it’s important to show all sides of us online and not just the pretty or exciting ones. For that reason I will say that  I used my schools study break this past week as a bit of a mental health week. And it was not glamourous, but it was needed. I honestly slept a lot. 

Ended my reading  on a very high note as I got to spend the weekend with family. My dad and my sister were in town as my sister is looking at attending school near where I am next year. I’m very excited she is considering moving here. Over the weekend we got our nails done and did some site seeing, it was a lovely visit.  It is any time I have family visit. 

As for a life update I am currently doing a lot of preparation for my exchange to Australia. I also rcently got a part time job, so that and preparing for finals are the biggest contributors to me not being able to write as often. I am very busy, and needing some extra sleep is making things a bit tough. 

Side note, has anyone seen the New Fantastic Beasts movie? No spoilers please but I am curious to hear if people have been enjoying it. 


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