Weekend Recap

I have been so busy and have not had time to write in the last little bit. I do though have some exciting things planned so stay tuned.

Why have I been so busy?  I have been organizing some mental health awareness fundraisers and this weekend was the weekend of the events. Friday night I hosted a trivia night with my field hockey team, and Sunday our team played in purple to raise awareness for mental health. From all our fundraising combined I’m so happy to say we raised around $500 for The Mental Health Association of Nova Scotia.

Mental health awareness is so important. 1/ 5 people struggle are affected by a mental health disorder in their lifetime, and noone should struggle in silence. We need to all work together to end the stigma.

Anways, I organized the majority of the two events myself so  it was a lot of hard work, and a very chaotic weekend.  Besides the fundraising  events I played in 4 field hockey games.

But the weekend  was made 1000 times better by my mom visitng.

Growing up I saw my mom do quite a bit of event organization and volunteering. Thank you mom for being the best brownie troop leader ever!! The dedication I saw from her to our community is definitely why today I am the kind of person who when I have an idea to better my community,  I execute it.  It was great to have here support here this weekend, and it was nice to spent the whole weekned eating well and hanging out.  Any time I see family is a good time and the weekend was no exception.



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