1st Week of Uni Recap

Hey everyone, it was a bit overwhelming but I have survived my first week of third year.  What didn’t survive though was my laptop and thats why I haven’t been writing. But I am back and excited to share my year at university with all of you who read this blog.

So why has my week been overwhelming? Partly because  I have gotten an awesome new job as on campus amazon student  prime representative . How cool is that??? This job involves organizing events on campus and has proved to be a decent amount of work as I am constantly emailing campus officials to book spaces etc…  If you want to see more of the work I’m doing check out my instagram. 

I have also  switched my minor to Bussiness, and now taking classes that have a lot more weekly work. I immediately had work in all my classes week 1.  Before with Polititcal Science  each semester I would have a few classes with just  3 heavily weighted assignments later in the year.  Now I have weekly labs and quizzes. Also I have not done math in almost 4 years so have been doing a bit of catchup and trying to focus hard  to really set my self up for success.

Lastly, I have been playing field hockey every night.  Which has left me a little physically exhausted. But I am excited for the season and really enjoying the time with my friends.

On an exciting note, today I booked my flights for my semester abroad in Australia. I am so excited and again am excited to share my journey from the packing and planning, to the actual trip.


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