My 10-minute fitness routine

Hey, so I thought I would share something a bit different today.

I get most of my exercise through organized sports but I like do quick at home workouts when I get the chance. So I thought I would share my 10-minute fitness routine. These are also my go-to exercises at the end of a gym session.  Most of these exercises target your abs and legs.

3  x 20 crunches


3 x 30 bicycles


3 x 30 toe touches


3 x 30 Russian twists ( at the gym I usually do these with a weight, usually 10 pounds)


3 x 20 hip raises


And I usually finish off this kind of ab workout with either 50 squats or  50 curtsy lunges DSCN1399.jpg

Would love to hear about any quick exercises anyone else does. Hope you enjoyed the awkward photos!