Changing my nerves to excitement

Less than a month until I return to the East Coast for school, and it feels a lot different from last year. This time last year I could not wait for school but this year there is definitely a significantly larger amount of nerves mixed in with the excitement.

This is because my second year did not go the way I hoped it would.  I struggled in some of my classes, I had an incredibly hard time with my roommates and I struggled with my role on the sports team I am a part of. Now I am nervous about my classes being hard,  living with roommates and living up to my own expectations. By the last part, I mean the expectation of always performing my best both athletically and academically.

After some inspiration from my dad, what I am now trying to do is change my nerves to the excitement as I spend some time preparing for the upcoming school year.

To do this I made a list kind of expanding on everything I just mentioned.

  • I am nervous about my classes being hard, but I am excited to take new classes in a new field that I am very interested in.  (I recently decided to do a second minor in business)
  • I am nervous about getting bad grades, but I am excited to learn.
  • I am nervous about living with roommates, but I am excited to experience to gain life experience I think will ultimately shape me into a better person. And shoutout to Jacob I am excited to live with you this year!
  • I am nervous about not performing my best on the field, but I am excited for away tournaments with my team and playing field hockey with my friends.
  • I am nervous I will have trouble budgeting, but I am excited for those nights that ruin your weekly budget. Sorry, Dad!!

When  I put the upcoming year in this perspective, especially in a list like this,  my mindset immediately changes. There are always things to look forward too, and changes we can make to make excitement possible.

It’s so important to take time to reflect and change our internal attitudes, and I  would love to hear how other people do it!


4 thoughts on “Changing my nerves to excitement

  1. Hi JennyLee! Good that you are looking at changing your pattern of thinking. Have you tried meditation? When I’m anxious I find that helps calm me down and also remembering that our experiences are meant to teach us something about ourselves so find the lesson in whatever experience you have and then try to move on and apply what you’ve learned. Everything will work out in the end and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!


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