5 bathing suits every girl should have

I work in retail, and it might surprise you but it is coming up to a good time of year to buy bathing suits.  Lots of stores have an end of summer sale which creates the perfect time to stock up on bathing suits for next summer or any upcoming trips you might have.

Today I thought I would share with you  5 bathing suits I have in my closet that I think are must-haves whether you go to the beach every day or every few months.

  1.  A basic black top


Honestly the top I’m wearing in this picture I wear all the time and

2. A pair of floral bottoms

I’m super into wearing a basic top and pairing it with a colourful bottom. My favourite pattern is floral and I have multiple pairs. I love ones that have a few different colours so can match them with as many different tops.  IMG_0175

3.  A pastel bathing suit

I just bought the top in the picture to the right, from Ardene for super cheap and I love it. Pastel colours are great for when you’re a little more tan in the summer because once you have some colour they make your tan look even better.

4.  A bandeau bathing suit

A bandeau is a must have for tanning and perfect for pool days when you’re not really swimming but more lounging around outside.  Bandeau bathing suits are going to give you the least bad tan lines.

5. A bathing suit that is a bit more conservative/ keeps your boobs in check

Anyone who has a bit of a bigger chest like myself will know what I mean when you have a larger chest you do not always want to show it off. I know sometimes we all do especially in a bikini as it’s a very socially acceptable time.  But for instance, when you’re just trying to stay alive in the waves in the ocean you don’t want to have to worry about your boobs hanging out because you’re wearing a string bikini.  These are often the bathing suits I spend a bit more money on as when you can buy one that is your bra size instead of a generic size they fit a lot better.

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If you are looking for bathing suits currently specifically more basic ones check out this store.  They have super great basic one-pieces and bikinis and you can use my discount code (Jenny20) for 20% off. Otherwise, if your bathing suit collection is lacking  I would highly recommend hitting the stores. Stay tuned there might be an upcoming post with the best deals after I’ve done a little more research.



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