Living with a teenage diva: Advice

My younger sister is sixteen and we are best friends but sometimes living with her can be tough. I’m not gonna lie I have lived with some difficult people,  but she takes the cake with that level of aggression that is specifically reserved for siblings.  I think she yells at me almost every single day for wearing her clothes, touching her clothes, looking at her clothes etc..

The point of this post though is not to rant about my sister, instead, I want to return to something I’ve mentioned before, the idea that sometimes we just have to let the people we love be annoying.

It’s easy to fight back when she starts annoying me, but that’s not helping anyone. My advice to anyone who struggles with a family member first gives them some space, and then remember that even with those closest to us we don’t know everything they are going through.

I was in high school once too but I sometimes forget (also consciously try to block it out) the struggles of that age. For that reason sometimes I just have to listen and not respond or try to relate.

This is something I’ve learned from my dad he takes the time to try and understand us, teenage girls. He still gets very confused why we cry randomly sometimes,  as a girl I still get confused by that, and that’s ok. Even with three daughters, he still struggles a lot but thank you for trying dad.

My one last piece of advice is don’t bottle up your anger when someone’s diva behavior is annoying you. This is what leads to big fights.

I try to let my little sister know about things that have been bothering me when we’re kind of just hanging out. This way we have more of a heated discussion about our issues than a full-blown fight.

One’s relationship with our siblings is different than a typical friendship, as we do not get to choose our family. And in my opinion, that’s why we sometimes have to put our own egos aside and love them unconditionally.

Thanks for reading!!

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2 thoughts on “Living with a teenage diva: Advice

  1. I think this is such a good post! It is so easy to get annoyed at siblings, especially since you see them everyday, but often you need to take a step back and realize that they are going through things as well. xx


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