The halfway point

It’s the end of  June and it honestly feels crazy that for me, summer is basically half over.  So far summer has gone by very quickly because I have been very busy with work, and I’m now getting that halfway point stress. Part of me, because I have a lot to do look forward to in the upcoming school year, is almost ready for summer to be over. It’s weird, I would never have imagined myself thinking that as a kid.

But I do not think all these feelings are to do with summer being halfway over, my feelings are for sure more to do with the fact that I am halfway done my undergrad. And I’m twenty which means halfway to forty which is a little scary. Already I am starting to think of what I will do after I finish school.

I feel the same way I felt in grade 10 of high school, spending more time thinking about the future than the present.   I’m not at the point where the idea of the future keeps me going but what I will do after my undergraduate degree is constantly at the back of my mind. And it is because I am excited, but it is partly because I enjoy change and adventure and 4 years can feel like a long time.  I guess I am currently struggling to live in the moment.

I’m scared because my experience at university has felt similar to high school. after the excitement of my first year, the second year was tough.  It was definitely crazy fun but had significantly more lows than the first year.

I am for sure an overthinker, as soon as I realized I’m not living in the moment I get all stressed that I need to be, but do I really need to stress? It is not financially possible for me to be going out and doing fun things all the time, so why shouldn’t I save to have for good times in the future.

Whats everyone’s thoughts about living about living in the moment versus living with a long-term plan? I’m curious to hear some different opinions!

3 thoughts on “The halfway point

  1. GIRL. I feel you exactly 100%. I just turned 20 in April and I feel like life is flying by? I think I’m nervous because your 20s are supposed to be *so great* so I always feel like I’m not doing as much as I can.

    I am also going to be a Junior in college. Funny how four years can feel like such a long time in the beginning. The good news is that what happens next can only get better as we learn more about ourselves. The future is uncertain and scary but also great and filled will potential new memories to be made. I wish you all the best in finishing your ungrad career. Best, Carly.


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