What it’s like to be home for the Summer

I just got home after living on my own at school for the last 8 months. For me, this was the third time living on my own and it was very different experience from the first two times. I first lived away from my parents when I worked out of the province and for my year of university I lived in residence. The roommates I lived with when I worked away from home were family friends and very easy going.  This past year, I lived with 6 roommates, all girls, and it was not the easiest year. We spent a lot of time arguing about simple things like washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher.

I am very happy to be at home. I realized this year just how much I take for granted and it is nice to once again live with people who have the same standards of clean as me.   But what I realized last summer is that being home in the summer is a lot different from when I lived at home.

I feel somewhat like a guest in my own home. It is strange to come home to my other family members having their own daily routines. I almost feel like I am intruding or needy when I need a ride somewhere or want my family car.

It also goes the other way as I have become very independent. I am not used to telling someone where I am going or what I am doing. Last summer this led to a few disagreements with my parents. I think my parents and I have both learned from that and this summer is already off to a much better start.

From my own personal experience, I think living without your parents is something that everyone needs to experience in their early twenties. It taught me how to interact with others better and now returning home I have a new appreciation for the luxuries I have at home. I learned to live with my roommates how to communicate and to not expect things to be done.

In my case, some space made my relationships with my family stronger.  The fact that I only spend 4 months of my year home makes me treasure all the moments I get to spend with family.  Those moments definitely make living at home for the summer worth it even when it gets frustrating that my mom thinks getting home at 2 am is late.


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