How I stay motivated

How everyone keeps themselves motivated is definitely different from person to person. I keep myself motivated by having something to look forward too and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with motivation.

I am very lucky that I currently enjoy both my jobs, however, that does not mean that sometimes the hours in the day drag by so slow I just want to quit.  It’s at that time I have to remind myself of what I am looking forward too. I have my big trip planned in January, but that can feel ages away, for that reason I try to plan one thing a week that I  can look forward too. For me, that is often organized sports but I also always look forward to plans I make with friends. Even when I have a really busy week, which I often do,  I try to make time to see my friends because they can always lift my mood.

I think keeping yourself motivated week to week is incredibly important.

But, also do not be afraid to dream big and think of your big dreams as motivation. I know the hardest time for me mentally was when I lost track of the bigger picture. I couldn’t see how what I was doing would affect my future.  I felt like my dreams were too far in the future to be worked on.  Eventually, I realized that the present is always affecting the future. If a  successful career is your end goal think of that when you are studying, even if the class itself is not motivating you.

It is important to note here that your career is not the only way to measure your success. I’m just using this example because for quite a few years now getting into law school and becoming a practising lawyer l has been my ultimate end goal. Therefore, I often use this end goal to motivate myself when I really don’t want to study.

Big goals might take years to achieve and that’s why its great to think of all your small of every little thing as a step towards accomplishing them.  When I started doing thinking this way I think it really changed my life.  Mixing this kind of thinking with taking time to enjoy myself at the end of a long work week,  has definitely helped me feel more motivated to work hard.









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