Discussing Politics should not be Taboo

Where I live we are currently in the middle of an election. I personally am quite into politics and I am currently studying political science at University.  For that reason, an election and people discussing politics excites me.  I know not everyone feels the same but I would like take this chance to really encourage everyone everywhere to vote in any election or any chance you get.

What I like about politics is having my own opinion but hearing others. Yes, my friends and I often get into arguments when we discuss politics. But more often than not in our discussion, I become exposed to a different point of view. Everyone has had different experiences that had led them to form their views, and we can often get stuck in our own views.

For that reason, I think people need to be more open to discussion. Discussing politics helps us understand how different people see issues.  I have lived in an upper-middle class neighbourhood my whole life.  Going to university was an eye-opening experience for me as I met a lot of people who grew up differently.

An election is a perfect time to get your voice heard, and not just through how you cast your vote. During an election is a prime time to make sure the issues you care about get heard and are being discussed. You will often be surprised that most of the peers will be affected by the same issues as yourself. This is why politics needs to be discussed so none thinks they are alone.

It’s easy to say you don’t want to discuss politics with your friends because you don’t want to offend anyone. A discussion if not you screaming your opinion at someone and if that’s your idea of a discussion it is probably your tone of voice offending people, not your actual argument.  A discussion means you need to be open to what the other side is saying and when you allow yourself that openness that is when you will enjoy politics.

On the idea of voting, if you are struggling to follow everything that is in the news when it comes to politics I would recommend focussing on the issue that is the most important to you. Then research specifically the groups running in the elections stance on that issue.  Following all the news is time-consuming and you will often feel bombarded with attacks or other stuff that does not seem as relevant. I would recommend trying to ignore this.

So get out there and be active in politics and vote!

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