What I’ll be wearing all summer

It is getting warm and that means I can no longer use the cold as an excuse for my comfy style. Luckily, I have a little sister who will always tell me if I look ugly so I think I should be good for the summer. That said I think it’s always important to have a few basics you can wear in different ways. I have a pretty basic style and summer is a great time to change that up, so I’m hoping to buy a few more fun and colourful pieces of clothing in the next few weeks.

That being said, the following are 5 basics I love and you will likely see me wearing all summer.

1. Overalls. I am so happy this trend was not temporary as I love wearing overalls. To me, they are fun and just more unique than shorts. I like to just wear them with a plain t-shirt but I also like to wear overalls with just a bralette to show off a bit of skin. I love them so much even wore them on Canada day last year!


2. Maxi dresses. I love maxi dresses because they automatically make you look put together. They are so comfy and they are so great to wear out at night because of the length.  I have a few basic ones in my closet currently, but I love that lots of stores seem to really have a range of both casual ones and some that are a  little more dressy. If you dress it up properly I think a maxi dress can be the perfect outfit for an evening with friends or a date.

3. T-shirt dresses. This is another trend I don’t think is going to disappear anytime soon because again they are comfy but you look like you put some effort in. T-shirts dresses are also perfect if you’re going to the beach or a pool party because they are easy to put back on over a bathing suit.   Just, in general, I am really not a shorts kind of girl, I much prefer to wear dresses when its warm out. I love wearing loose ones especially when it gets really hot and I don’t want to be wearing something tight to my skin.

4. These super comfy black pants I bought.

IMG_0918.jpgI  really like these pants because paired with the right top they can look professional. They are super comfy and for me will be perfect to wear to work.  I’ve seen a lot of people wearing striped pants in this style and I love that, but these pants are nice because they are a really dark black which I like.  And did I mention they are super comfy?

5. Zip-up sweaters. Where I am it’s not always super warm in the evening so in the summer I love wearing zip-up sweaters.  I like them because I think they look nice unzipped with a cute shirt underneath. I definitely think a zip-up sweater in the summer is a better look than a hoodie. I’ve seen in stores a lot of light coloured sweaters which I really like for the summer. I currently a light pink one that makes me feel all girly which I love.

So my style for the summer will definitely still be pretty comfortable, but if I’m cute while comfortable that’s not the end of the world right?


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