5 Things I learned from my best friend

I have never been the best at telling people that I care about that I care about them and for that reason, this is a kind of an appreciation post for my best friend. She’s taught me so much about what it means to be a good friend and I think we have grown into the people we are today together. We definitely went through that classic awkward stage together and I think it might have lasted almost all of high-school.  Lately, I’ve seen a few long-term friendships end, mostly because of distance. Distance sucks, but it is obviously a part of life.  When we went our separate ways after High-school I was so scared our friendship would slowly fade into just a memory.

Yet today 3 years later we are on different continents and our friendship is still going strong. I think it is because we have been through so much together, that now we can never stop being friends.   Also maybe the fact that I think she knows me better than I know myself might be a factor.

I have learned so much from my best friend so I thought would share the top 5.

 1. Show interest in your friends’ interests

I went through a phase where I was very into myself. My best friend would probably listen to me talk about myself for hours, but she would still ask questions and show interest in my life. I’m forever grateful. I later realized that that was what I needed to do to be a better friend. I now try to make sure I ask my friends about their hobbies and interests even if I am not necessarily super interested. I know It means a lot to have a friend who is interested in your life.

2. Always apologize and communicate

Friendship is always worth more than your temporary pride. My best friend and I, we have had some pretty freaking stupid fights but one of us would always apologize and I think that caused us to have significantly better communication. Sometimes you have to be the one to apologize.

3.Sometimes you just have to let someone be annoying

I learned this from my best friend when we went backpacking. Travelling is exhausting and I know I am not the easiest person to travel with. One night the only thing I wanted to eat was a Caesar salad and no restaurants had one. She walked around with me until I got my salad, it was honestly so incredibly nice.  Instead of getting mad at she let me be a little annoying for an hour. I was significantly more pleasant after I have my salad and I think we laughed about this literally the next day. Sometimes in a friendship, you have to spend an hour of your time dealing with someone annoying, but just remember why you love them.

4.Always be your self

I think my best friend and I we were lucky enough to find become friends at a young age. We automatically had no problem being weird around each other and that is still the case now. Friendships where you can be your true self-are the best kind of friendship so don’t be afraid to be yourself around new friends. The friendship will be better in the long run.

5.Work hard for what you want

This one isn’t necessarily about friendships, but I learned from my best friend the importance of working hard. She has always been someone who goes after what she wants and that is something I really admire about her.  She has definitely taught me that sometimes you have to do things that scare you in order to be successful.

I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to know my best friend. Thank you for being you don’t ever change, but please maybe come back to North America soon??


One thought on “5 Things I learned from my best friend

  1. These are wonderful qualities in a friendship, and it seems like your bff has impacted your life forever.💗 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/

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