Taking a step towards accomplishing my dreams

Recently I talked to my little sister, she’s in grade 11, a ray of sunshine in my life and is currently stuck in a rut. Talking to her it was so easy for me to give her advice like just go out there and makes your dreams happen. I  knew what to tell her because I was in the same place at that age, a tiny bit lost. I had big dreams but a hard time going out and grabbing them.  Eventually I pulled out myself out at the funk and made some life plans, I did not necessarily accomplish big dreams but I made plans and accomplished things I’m proud of myself for accomplishing.

Currently though life has hit me a bit hard again and I can feel myself being in a similar place. I told my little sister to start small projects that will help her towards her end goal and dream and she responded to me that I need to do the same.  I have always loved writing and would love to start getting back in touch with my creative side.

So with this push from her, that is why I am starting this blog.  I hope everyone enjoys what I have to say.

Going back to the idea of being in a rut I have made a lot of friends who feel similar and have had similar experiences. To try and help anyone else in a similar place I’ve made a list of 4 things I’m trying my hardest to follow to help me out of my rut.

  1. Find friends with similar interests

Going out and making new friends can be incredibly scary, and that’s not necessarily what I would recommend. Instead bring something up you like to current friends and acquaintances and you will often be surprised when they are interested in being a part of it. You are likely friends with the people you are already friends with for a reason so no needs to face the scary task of making new friends.

  1. Make friends with people who like to do stuff

Really try to spend time with people who are interested in more than just Netlfix and chilling at home. Even if doing stuff is going to a movie go out and do things.

  1. Force yourself not to cancel on plans

If you have friends who invite you to do stuff try hard not to cancel. Every once in a while sure, but if you are cancelling all the time try to figure out what the bigger reason is and work forward from that.

  1. Keep doing your routines

Sometimes it can feel like your routines are what have got you feeling in a rut in the first place, but some of them like going to the gym for instance are likely healthy and continuing to do them is not going to make it harder to change your lifestyle.

Obviously different things work for different people so find what works for you and whatever that is remember to also always feel proud of yourself for the little things you accomplish.  I know it might seem like nothing yet but I am proud of myself for starting this blog.


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